Happy Holiday Weekend from COLT!

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From our Friends at BoundJocks.com – New DVDs and More!

Hut, Hut, Hike! How wide can these Bound Jocks go in the locker room? As wide as you need them to!  These are some of the highest-rated scenes from BoundJocks.com…  Wide Recievers and Stud Pups are here now and ready for you!

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Sneak Peek – 2015 COLT and Buckshot Calendars

Yes, this is a sneak peek and you are the first to see the covers for the 2015 COLT and Buckshot Calendars…  We expect to have them in-house and ready to ship by July 1, 2014.

CBB15_LR_RGB_FYear after year the Butt Beautiful Calendar has clearly become a fan favorite.  There is just something so intoxicating about a COLT Man showing off his firm round rump.  Hairy or smooth, those muscled mounds of goodness just make us weak in the knees.  Enjoy a yearlong indulgence in these most beautiful of COLT Man butts. (Coverman Tom Wolfe).

CCC15_LR_RGB_FMmmmmm… Men!  Rough and rugged but warm and confident, and COLT Men are a cut above the rest.  You love ‘em, and we love ‘em.  Let’s celebrate a year of hot and sexy COLT Men.  Photographed with an artistic eye, these images display the male nude form perfected.  These are COLT Men and there is no substitute.  Enjoy!  (Coverman COLT Man Tod Parker).

CLC15_LR_RGB_FFor men who hear the call of LEATHER…  A love for LEATHER usually represents a willingness to fearlessly explore one’s deeper sexual-psyche.  Images of COLT Men in LEATHER stir those deep urges.  If you hear that calling, the COLT Leather Calendar is for you.   Embark on a yearlong exploration of your wild side with these COLT Men in LEATHER.  (Coverman Damien Stone).

HCM15_LR_RGB_FIt just doesn’t get any manlier than this!  Month after month, year after year our Hairy Chested Calendar makes men swoon and act like animals.  Does anything make us crazier than a COLT Man with a thick furry pelt of chest hair?  Enjoy a year of primal urges and manly inspiration.  WOOF!  (Coverman COLT Man Adam Champ).

MAN15_LR_RGB_FRed is the new blonde…  And with that said, it is with great pleasure we bring you our very own COLT Man Seth Fornea – 12 months of fiery hot sex appeal.  With his well-groomed ginger beard, light eyes, freckled alabaster skin, and bulging strong muscles, Seth really knows how to turn you on and he does so all year long in this COLT Man Calendar!  Sit back and enjoy Seth’s heat for 2015.

BBC15_LR_RGB_FClean boys doing dirty things… a motto that perfectly describes those loveable Buckshot Boys!  Young, fit, horny and always ready for fun, these boys enjoy all that life has to offer.  Spend the next 12 months with the hard and sexy boys of Buckshot.  Enjoy!  (Coverboy Benjamin Bradley).

For now, you can view the 2014 Calendars HERE while supplies last for only $7.95 each!

From Our Friends at BOUNDJOCKS.com…

BJ.2014.04.11BJ_PR_sceneclick_29Bound, hairy and muscled jock Aaron Cage is tied in a hog-tie on the floor in his cut offs and COLT Tank. His meaty uncut cock flops out of his short shorts as he rolls around on our studio floor. His tank top gets ripped open revealing his massive hairy chest. Next we suspend him from the ceiling in a standing position in a leather shoulder harness and head cage. He is unable to reach his cock, but he struggles as hard as he can to break free. Will he ever be able to bust loose and jerk off like he desperately desires to?