Sneak Peek – COLT Collection Swimwear with Vintage COLT Horsehead Logo…


Well, you soon will be able to with the introduction to the all-new COLT Collection Swimwear…  Two styles, the Kelso Swim Brief and the Kuzak Square Cut.  Both come in COLT Red and Navy…

COLT_Swim_6740_webAbove models:  Jared Bradford, COLT Man Seth Fornea and Bobby Clark (coverboy from Buckshot’s BOY COUNTY).   

Kelso Square Cut Swim – Red and Navy…

Swim_Suit_Square_Front_Red_LR Swim_Suit_Square_Front_Navy_LR Swim_Suit_Square_Back_Red_LR Swim_Suit_square_Back_LR


Kelso Swim Brief – Red and Navy…Swim_Suit_Brief_Front_red Swim_Suit_Brief_Front_navy Swim_Suit_Brief_Back_red Swim_Suit_Brief_Back_navyStay tuned and come back to for more information.

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New COLT Collection Swimsuits COMING SOON!

Navy_SwimThis is our newest addition to the COLT Collection apparel line – Kelso Swim Brief in navy – Designed and manufactured by Timoteo Studio Big COLT on the ass and vintage COLT logo on the front… COMING SOON!

The Kelso Swim Brief in Navy! Check out soon for more news!

You Demanded Him, You Got Him!

For ALL OF 2015.  The all-new COLT Man Calendar starring COLT Man Seth Fornea is in-house and ready to ship HERE

SethStorebAlso, his DVD is coming very soon to too!  Stay tuned!

Until then you can watch him his first video HERE at!

From our Friends at BoundJocks – New Live Scene from IML in Chicago!

Don’t miss this tight butt, young boy Tyler Rush getting used and abused by hairy daddy Dolan Wolf

BJ_20140718Bound jock Tyler Rush is our next victim to volunteer at IML for coach Dolan Wolf to abuse. In this scene we tie him up and Dolan immediately ball gags the jock and slowly teases him until they are both rock hard and poking out of their singlets. Dolan turns Tyler’s perfectly round smooth ass towards the crowd and gives the lad a spanking he will never forget. Once each cheek is perfectly red, Dolan slowly strokes the jock in his briefs until the boy gushes a huge creamy load in his shorts!

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embrace – New BUCKSHOT Movie, Scene 2

colt_20140717Most men wake up in the morning with one thing on their minds.  When two men wake up together in the same bed… Well that’s just a win/win.

Connor Maguire and Jimmy Durano know how to give each other what they really desire in the morning.  Stripping away the covers they passionately kiss and reach for each other’s bulging cocks.  Jimmy kisses his way down Connor’s muscled torso, drawing closer to Connor’s throbbing piece of meat he’s been stroking in his hand.   Sucking and slurping, Jimmy gets Connor’s morning off to a hummer of a start.   Connor reciprocates with pleasure as he greedily gobbles down on Jimmy’s thick monster.   Jimmy enjoys the view as he reaches over to play with Connor’s furry round butt.

50566_02 50566_03 50567_04 50567_07A morning full of mutual cock worship brings Jimmy to the edge.  Ready to burst he tightens his grip and strokes out a thick stream of white-hot gold on this muscle ripped abs.   Connor then leans back in Jimmy’s strong arms as he milks his own cock to completion.   Held in Jimmy’s tight embrace Connor shoots his morning load.

Br9qj0dCQAM9_6HComing soon!  So, stay tuned at!