New Buckshot Update and COLT Man Seth Fornea in Fire Island…

COLT_20140821bLance Seawell Tops Scott Dermitt

Love and lust join together as two hunky studs Lance Seawell and Scott Dermitt enjoy a little outdoor solitude; free to kiss, undress and explore each other’s bodies with carefree abandon.   Muscular toned bodies merge and clothes are stripped away as kissing leads to hot give-and-take cock worship.  After Lance gets Scott’s thick uncut pole standing at attention, Scott returns the favor and slurps lovingly on Lance’s thick uncut monster.
With a wet and juicy foreskin and his throbbing hard cock, Lance bends Scott over the lawn chair and puts his piece of man-meat where it belongs, deep in Scott’s muscular butt.  Taking it like a man in heat, Scott lets Lance drill him deep before climbing up on Lance’s fuck-stick and taking it for an ass-pounding ride.   Taking it to the hilt, Scott strokes up a gusher as Lance’s hard cock drills him deep, a river of cum exploding from his aching cock and balls.  Ready for hotter dick-juice, Scott hits his knees as Lance showers down on him a heaping helping of white hot cum.

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New Spanking Scene at IML from our Pals at BoundJocks!


Bound jock Caesar Evans has never done a demo for us before so he didn’t know what to expect. Once coach Dolan Wolf had him tied up with his hands far overhead this seemed to put him quickly at ease. The jock totally got off on Dolan’s smell and touch and it showed through the boner growing in his shorts. Dolan spanks Caesar’s meaty, muscled ass until it is nice and red and then strokes the boy’s thick cock for his reward in front of the entire crowd.

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COLT Man Icon Steve Kelso Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before…


From the most trusted name in all-male erotica and continuing to set the standard in masculine appeal, COLT Studio Group and it’s COLT Men are a cut above the rest. Standing at the apex of sexual expression, the Men of the COLT Icon Series are the cream of the crop.
Some COLT Icons just keep on giving.  COLT Man Steve Kelso’s treasure trove of hot and sexy images couldn’t all be represented in just one COLT Icons installment.  So here it is… Steve Kelso, Part 2.  Enjoy another photographic essay of what true COLT Man masculinity is all about.   With his lean and muscled physique, adorned in thick dark hair, a devilish and playful smirk that disarms and genuinely arouses; Steve Kelso is a COLT Icon worthy of a second look… and a third look… a fourth… infinity!

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John Rutherford

New Buckshot Boys Scene Udpate Today from embrace!

CSG_8.8.14With athletic and toned hard-bodies, Walter Uwe and Scott Dermitt meet in a cement storage area for some good naked guy-fun.   Kissing and groping as the shirts come off, Scott makes his way into Walter jeans, stroking that growing bulge as he unleashes Walter’s long uncut cock from those tight briefs.   Taking turns giving service where service is due, Walter hits his knees and slurps and sucks the thick uncut monster that dangles between Scott’s muscular legs.
Bending his buddy over a stack of tires, Walter spreads Scott’s butt cheeks wide and gives his hole a penetrating tongue job.  Once Scott’s hot hole is twitching for more Walter takes his long cock and delivers the goods.   Getting his ass split in two, Scott lays on his back and takes the drilling action hard and deep.  Stroking his meaty cock all the while Scott is ready to explode as a searing hot load erupts from his pulsing cock.  Walter continues to drill that ass until his own thick wad comes shooting from the head of his swollen dick.  Drenched in two big loads, Scott lays back as Walter leans in for a hot and passionate kiss.

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