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A DVD Review by Martin Cox

*** Highly, Highly Recommended ***

“Inside Out” (COLT Studio – COLT Studio Group)

Director: John Rutherford


Darin Hawk
Eric Valentin
Jasper Van Dean
Luke Garrett
Mitch Branson
Ricky Parks
Sky Thompson
Tom Chase

I love this concept. Director John Rutherford puts the most intimate of settings — a four-poster bed — in the most public surroundings, like an open field with cars whizzing by in the background — and lets the men do their thing.

Other than the obvious pleasures this nude romp in public would give any voyeur, the men are absolutely scrumptious. There’s one my top-five studs of all time, Tom Chase, plus hotties like Jasper Van Dean and Eric Valentin, who lead things off with a scorching encounter.

Beautifully produced, with equally beautiful men, “INSIDE OUT” is another winner from great director John Rutherford.

A DVD Review by Martin Cox ( )

*** Highly, Highly Recommended ***

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View Nude Shots of some of INSIDE OUT HERE!

Congratulations to COLT Man Eric Valentin as the new recipient of the COLT Studio feature cover for our newest COLT release INSIDE OUT

INSIDE OUT will be on pre-order very soon and stars COLT Men Jasper Van Dean, Luke Garrett, Mitch Branson, Ricky Parks, Tom Chase, Darin Hawk and special comeback kid Sky Thompson

Pre-order now! CLICK HERE For sneak peek video!

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Just for the weekend – Sneak peek photos from our COLT shoot titled INSIDE OUT

We just finished our newest COLT release and shot it in the warmth of Northern California… Award winning videographer Max Phillips shot some amazing footage and Max is busily editing the movie now for a September release deadline. From the photos, it looks to be a blockbuster once again! Here is a sample of great things to come from what you have grown to expect from the entire COLT Team…

COLT Men Eric Valentin and
all-new COLT Man Jasper Van Dean

COLT Men Mitch Branson and
Eric Valentin

Last week I posted images from the COLT Men Tom Chase and Darin Hawk scene and you can see some of these HERE.

COLT Men Tom Chase and Darin Hawk

INSIDE OUT wrapped this past Tuesday and I’m now going through all the images to start picking the best of the best for our membership site at To see the nude shots CLICK HERE!

Stay tuned to RENT or BUY this all-new COLT sexstravaganza soon!

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I’m going through the shots (thousands) and filtering out the best of the best from the COLT Men Tom Chase and Darin Hawk scene we shot last weekend for the upcoming COLT feature titled INSIDE OUT. Looking very good… I’ll be posting some sneak peeks of COLT Man Darin Hawk soon – Here’s a shot of both to wet your whistles…

Don’t forget to stop by Darin’s Live-Cam site at or our site at to see more!

Have a great weekend!

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Hello there… Well, we had our COLT shoot this past weekend… COLT Man Tom Chase and COLT Man Darin Hawk went at it in our newest sexstravagana titled, INSIDE OUT

I’m going through the images now… I only have COLT Man Tom Chase’s done so far… Not bad huh?

A sneak peek HERE with nudes!

I’ll post COLT Man Darin Hawk’s soon. Also, more next week when we shoot the remaining three scenes!

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Another “Just Because” posting…

This photo was taken during this past GAYVN Awards Show here in San Francisco… Tom sent it to me last week after the Dallas Voice did a story on him for being a raised and current resident of Dallas… Here it comes… Yes, everything raised in Texas must be truly BIG (couldn’t resist)!

COLT Men Tom Chase and Mitch Branson. Tom’s newest movie is COUPLES III and Mitch’s next movie MASSIVE will be out in May… HOT!

Both men can’t wait to work together, so who knows?

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Hi there… well, it’s been too long AGAIN, but now that the GAYVN Awards weekend is over and life is back to “normal” I can get back to posting on the blog and getting my time back on track… Jeesh!

The first thing I want to talk about is my Fresh experience last night (Sunday)! OK, I never go out and the funny thing is, when you don’t ever go out everyone’s jaws drop. I waiting for the DJ to stop the music and all lights would beam on me! My good friend Jack Mackenroth (Project Runway Star Designer extraordinaire) was flown out this weekend to appear live at Fresh by PlanetOut’s HIV Plus magazine. Derek Hartley was in town since Chi Chi and I had recommended he and his partner in crime Romaine Paterson co-host the GAYVN Awards Show and knew that both Derek and Jack had met in NYC back when Jack left Project Runway… Derek had him on their show to talk about the show etc. and hit it off… Long story short Jack called me and said he would put together a guest list and that he a VIP lounge set aside – Hello? I’m there! No lines, no waiting for drinks and I get to watch all the hot boys dance without shirts from a balcony – I’m in!

So, I invited Derek (Tom stayed home to make dog food for Georgia, that’s a whole otther story… Yes, we’re like a couple of lesbians… We make Georgia’s food once a month and it’s not fun (Thank you Tom!).

Anyway, back to the story… I pickd up Derek at 6 sharp at his hotel and we drove over to the club. Jack was having a little soire’ at his hotel beforehand and then walking over with his entourage… I didn’t want that, so Derek and I went straight to the club and decided to get in line. It’s been so long since I’ve been clubbing, that I forgot what it was like… That nervous stomach cramp set in… Just like the night I first met Jack at The Stud oh so many years ago… That feeling you used to get when walking into any gay bar when all eyes are on the meat entering the building. Well, I wasn’t new meat, but Derek did get carded, that bitch!

Once we got in line I then noticed that there was a separate line for “guest list” so we walked up there and the person with the clip board was just like the same person outside all clubs… Playing God. They had my name on the list, but couldn’t find Derek’s so I had to call Jack. He then said that his contact from PlanetOut had Derek’s name and when I repeated this to the clipboard queen, he replied, “Sorry, as I told you… His name’s not on the list – next!” While we were going through all this Frank, a big COLT Man fan San Francisco stopped us and wanted his photo taken with both Derek and me… I love talking to fans, since this is the whole reason we make great products to enjoy in the end, after all. Also, it’s always good for the ego to be recognized! I love it and anyone who denies that, is a liar!

So, once in the club we went upstairs to the VIP lounge marked off by the PlanetOut staff for “Jack Mackenroth’s private party.” I’m so proud of Jack… the article is really quite good and it shows that he’s a role model for HIV + folks everywhere. One interesting point in the article talks about how far HIV + gays are represented differently on reality shows from MTV years ago with Pedro and Jack in the current day – how much it all has changed, huh?

As the night went on more and more old faces (some older than others) came up to me with amazement that I was out. Colby Taylor was there, all-new COLT Man Ricky Parks was there with his friend Jeff from and more. All of them were in shock that I actually showed up… Me too! Well, I only made it until 10pm… Derek and I decided to walk across the street to grab some Jack In The box (Well, since Jack was the theme of the evening it seemed appropriate). We then met up with Derek’s old intern Bobby who recently moved to SF after his tim at Sirius OutQ ended. The three of us ate and afterwards I decided to drive home… I left Derek and Bobby to go back into the club… After all, Derek got carded, so he has more energy – Beyatch!

The crowd at the GAYVN Awards Show

Moving backwards in the weekend, Saturday night was the big night… Well, bigger for some than for others. We did well, we won an award for two movies from last year, Minute Man’s BUILT for “Best Solo Video” and Buckshot’s BROTHERHOOD for Director/Writer Jerry Douglas for “Best Screenplay.” Tom went up to accept for Jerry and then we called him after he got back to the table. Jerry and his partner John were sleeping since in NYC it was after midnight, but I knew that Jerry would want to know right away. He was very pleased and very appreciative for the nod. Well done Jerry! My only disappointments for the night were for Best Videography and Best Sex Scene… I wanted Max Phillips to win for HAWAI’I and Tom Chase and Carlo Masi for Naked Muscles: The New Breed. They all deserved it – they’re all winners to me!

Tom Settle collecting Jerry Douglas’ “Best Screenplay Award for Buckshot’s BROTHERHOOD

The awards show was a lot better than I expected it to be. There were rumor about how it was going to fall apart and it didn’t, at least not because of the co-hosts, caterers, or technical malfunctions anyway. The most disappointing part of the evening were the talent that mostly appeared on stage… Either I’m getting old or I’m just clueless… Maybe the latter, but most of the evening (with a few exceptions of course) I saw tattooed, skinny, foul mouthed people up on the stage. Why is it that people think that just because we’re in the adult business it’s OK to talk about poop, swear words and drugs? I don’t mind the humor once in a while, but it really cheapens the event over all and lowers us into the stereotype when every single person (except a few and of course our COLT Men Mitch Branson, Tom Chase and all-new COLT Man Ricky Parks).

Lady Bunny was OK – I didn’t care much for her first and LONG piece, but her “Laugh In” take off half way through was very funny. She roasted many industry people who we all know and love and it was very cute. Otherwise, it just was tasteless and not like the award shows of the past.

Michel Louzier from our partners over at, COLT Man Mitch Branson, Me and New COLT Man Ricky Parks

Dro and Director Kristofer Weston

I guess the two things I learned most about myself this weekend that I really need to get out more and more importantly I realized that growing older only makes life better.. time makes friendships grow closer, allows me to think less about the small stuff that isn’t life and death and how many friends I have in my life who I need to enjoy more.

Happy viewing,


GAYVN’s are this weekend and everyone is a buzz about what will happen – My good friends Derek Hartley and Romaine Patterson were supposedly co-hosting the show, but today found out that their time has gone from 1 hour an half to 1 minute and 30 seconds… The entire show is now only to be 1 hour and half, so our fingers are crossed and we hope that all goes swimmingly.

Of course COLT Men Mitch Branson, Ricky Parks and GAYVN Hall of Fame Tom Chase will be presenters at the GAYVN Award show this Saturday night! But where are they going after the party?

To SWEAT of course! Come dance the night away with your favorite COLT Men!